Have you grown a successful, profitable business, but that success is not giving you the fulfillment you desire? You know you are doing good work, and making a positive impact, but you go home at the end of the day exhausted trying to keep up with it all? 

If you answered yes, keep reading because I am about to give you one shift that will leave you feeling excited about the future of your business.   

Ready for it?

STOP trying to do all the things all the time and expecting your body and business to be in peak performance 24/7, 365 days per year. 

That’s it! That’s the secret. 

As a high achiever, I know you are saying yes to too many things and no to your own needs. Weekends and vacations aren’t enough to keep you replenished. You are constantly “on” whether you are at home, at work, or volunteering at church leaving you feeling drained and unfulfilled. You tell yourself they are all “good” things, so you continue doing them despite the sirens going off in your mind, body, and heart. You and your team are striving to hit quarterly goals on top of wanting to make a community impact, leaving you all exhausted. 

If you want to continue your success and have fulfillment, you NEED to create more rest for yourself, your business, and your team. You might be wondering how your business can “rest” when it has to pay the bills, take care of your employees and financially support your family.  

You do it by creating a “training plan” or what we call “The RAMP Method” that gets your life and business in alignment with your values and priorities as a person and as a business owner. One that helps you design your quarterly goals to account for rest and peak performance. Just like pro athletes have training plans designed to avoid burnout, injury and achieve peak performance, The RAMP Method does the same for business owners.  

With The RAMP Method, your year is broken into seasons (Rest, Align, Master, Peak) and mimics the training seasons of an athlete (off-season, pre-season, in-season, post-season). In sports, each of these seasons has an intention, whether it be active rest, building foundational skills, getting stronger and faster, or competing. Each season is planned out with minute detail from nutrition, to the frequency of training, to rest time, to mindset work all to reach peak performance at a specific time (e.g. competing for a gold medal).  

In business, your gold medal is your yearly revenue goal and each season is set up to hit that revenue goal without sacrificing what truly matters to you. You will know how much revenue to expect each season and be able to release financial stress. You will know exactly what to do in each season and what not to do. You will know exactly what to outsource and what to eliminate in each season. Every aspect of your business and life will be put into a season from outsourcing to onboarding to community outreach to realistic revenue goals. 

The Rest Season includes active rest, meaning work is still being done but not at the same intensity as in the peak phase. It’s fun work. You have intentional boundaries. Family and friends are your biggest priorities.

In the Align Season, you will evaluate, assess and get your habits and boundaries aligned with your values & priorities. This is your planning and prep phase to create a solid foundation before moving into the next 2 phases.

The Master Season is where you will master your mindset and calendar so you can start to ramp up your activity. This is the start of your busy season. Think of this as the pre-launch phase. In this phase, your priority is starting to become more business focused and other priorities will intentionally be removed from your calendar.

The Peak Phase is what it’s all for. This is your busiest season of the year. For example, if you are a speaker, this would be your travel season. For insurance agencies, you may have more than one busy season. Or if you launch, this would be your launch phase. This is the growth phase for your business, so your business will be your #1 priority. Your friends, family, and other priorities might take more of a back seat but you will still maintain a good balance.

Creating a RAMP Method for your business will allow you to have it all, without doing it all. Team performance will improve. You will find more peace, joy, fulfillment, and freedom. Your business will no longer run your life. Instead, your business will support the life you always dreamed of.